Bakugou x male reader break up

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Bakugou x male reader break up

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Thank you so much! We accept donations year round, so if you haven't donated yet, there's still time to add your support! When you read Bakugou's thoughts, you definitely don't expect them to be about you, about how beautiful you are.

This has to be a joke, right? It's October, you know what that means? It's time to get kinky with your favorite characters. All 31 days of my Kinktober submissions.

cielo ⌁ — Bakugou Katsuki x Fem! Reader ˖◛⁺⑅♡ Bnha Character...

These were posted to my Tumblr first, but I did not plan ahead, so there is no list as to what's coming. Suggest shit and together we sin. Wanna fuck a pro? You got it? Wanna fuck a villain? Want a threesome? Just request, and I'll see what I can do. I'm compiling my works from across different platforms- these will be all my pieces that are under 1, words each including headcanons labeled HC.

Tags will be updated as I go, each 'chapter' will have a complete list of tags if necessary at the beginning. A place to dump my smutty drabbles that are too long for discord. Hawks is up first.

BNHA IMAGINES AND STUFF. — Imagine being cared for after a bad breakup.

He'll probably be recurring, Dabi too because iSimp TM. First person. After being called back home after college graduation you find yourself working at a run down gas station. This boring job leads you to meet some interesting people. These run-ins start to develop into something else The forces of evil grew stronger with each passing day as the symbol of peace slowly burned out.

Where personal morals and ethics clash.A special something for reaching followers and counting. Thank you all! I love you guys! The way he looked at you were like two fiery stars in the cosmos, burning brilliantly and indefinitely while being surrounded by the shrouded cape of infinity. He often found himself gazing out the window of his classroom, receiving the lecture through a blur of sounds as if his head was underneath the pool of water outside the yard. His crimson eyes were upon the cerulean sky, its space filled with cotton stuffed clouds that moved leisurely across the horizon.

His fingers were pushing up against his cheek when he laid his head against his knuckles. His red eyes were no longer clashing with the sky but instead, they were at the front of the class. He could tell you were smiling even though your face was no where to be seen. You were speaking softly and light as if your voice was glass to be shattered in a single drop.

You were shifting uncomfortably in your seat for whatever reason and the heel of your shoes were tapping against the tile floors like a woodpecker abusing a tree. Bakugo noticed you always did that whenever you were speaking in class. He always assumed you were shy when speaking but after watching you with Midoriya and Uraraka, it proved him wrong. It was when you shined the brightest. Like you were the sun that shined your rays upon the chilly planets, waking them from their dark slumber.

Without you, they would orbit mindlessly without direction, frozen in time and dead without your light. Midoriya and Uraraka was proof of that.

When you were absent from school a few days straight, they grew worried, packed their bags, and went to visit your house. Instead, he walked home with Kirishima, his scowl deeper than his hands in his pockets.

bakugou x male reader break up

Bakugo never found out what happened to you during those days. You returned to school normal, your light still as bright as ever like the newborn sun that pierced through the retreating clouds of a storm.

He was relieved, but it was hard to tell through his usual furrowed brows. Class was over in a flash and Bakugo swore he created holes all over your back because his gaze never left you during the lecture. He watched you pack your books in your bag and soon, Uraraka was by your side. You brought a hand to your mouth to cover the laughs that bounce their way out of you and with that same hand, you brushed your bangs away from your eyes and hooked them behind your ears.

He knew whenever you did that you were nervous about something. He usually sat behind Bakugo which greatly annoyed Bakugo. Want to join? One by one, the male students of 1-A surrounded him while the girls surrounded you and Uraraka.

bakugou x male reader break up

Can we join? You were also smiling, soon nodding to answer them. They threw their arms up in celebration, their high-pitched cheers can be heard around the room and possibly out the hall. Bakugo sighed, his gaze shifting from you to the presence of Kirishima who just came to him.And um kinda forgot to put the kissing part in- but i hope you like these regardless! Also- that is literally such a crappy thing to do… me and Bakugo gonna beat him up for ya dont you worry!

Originally posted by naratemari. Originally posted by afoxthatpretendstobeabear. Originally posted by shigashimura. If you ever come to try and hurt her again, I wont hesitate to make sure you dont ever do this to her again. Originally posted by aitaikimochi. Your an amazing person and he just cant seem to see that. I got you, I promise.

Why was he breaking up with you so suddenly? Please talk to me! You were so kind, and sweet, and so lovable…. He found him so annoying all he ever did was take up his time with you-it seemed like whenever Bakugo wanted to hang out, he was there, ruining the moment or even worse - you would go out and hang out with your dumb boyfriend instead of him He always denied having any feelings for you, but he noticed now he couldnt seem to help it- he found you attractive, physically and personalty wise, but also- you dealt with his crap.

He knew he was a hand full, but you still kept him in check and were even brave enough to mess around with him, even if he did yell at you. Bakugo picked up his head so quick hearing your voice break, as if your whole body was just crumpling.

bakugou x male reader break up

But hearing you sound so defeated made his heart race faster and the anger erupt in his chest. How dare he make you feel that way! He knocked on the door again, unsure of what to do- does he barge in there? Does he leave you alone? Does he wait? Who hurt you? Why were you so upset- he had never seen you like this!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. With the support of the communitywe've added 2, new members this drive. Thank you so much! We accept donations year round, so if you haven't donated yet, there's still time to add your support! You get kidnapped by a villain who uses his quirk on you for a year changing your mind and altering your reality.

Bakugou spends that year of tie looking for you but never finding you until the villain wants him too but by that time is it too late? You're Aizawas' daughter.

You used to want to be a hero until a very traumatic experience that changed your mind on becoming one. So, Aizawa enrolled you into U. A and Class 1-A as an attempt to change your mind. Will it work? Or will it fail? You admired Bakugou for two years since watching him in his first sports festival, and he became your inspiration to improve and apply to UA. Meeting your idol in the first place was a dream come true, and everything that came as a result felt like a miracle.

Can you take after him and win your own sports festival? These are little snippets of what I think it'd be like dating him in college. It's loosely a continuation to another one shot of mine titled "Can We Talk". For context I'd read that first! You're a petty villain, and your new villain-career is forced to an immediate halt when none other than Ground Zero captures you. He's convinced that you're in need of his help to change your tainted lifestyle, and you're not going to tell him otherwise.

Stanford summer camps

You've been a fan of Katsuki Bakugou for so long, and now it's finally time for you to take care of him like he deserves to be taken care of. At least until last week when an incident made her quirk finally show up.Request: Could you do imagines for a reader who just went through a bad break up and wants emotional support….? Thank you so much in advance….!

Now stop crying and get your ass over here. But then again, it was probably because you always looked better than them. They probably got jealous! Plz take this picture of Kermitshima and his son Moto Moto as my apology. My friend drew Moto Moto while i drew Kermitshima.

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But im not really sure which specific epi it is…. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Imagine being cared for after a bad breakup. They told me I was trash…. Now come here and give me a hug! My friend is so talented!!!! Please do continue.

Does anyone play Animal Crossing: New Leaf? If so i just started lol My FC: just remeber 2 send ur fc. Awwww thx! Anonymous asked: I hope the puns were okay! I'm a big fan of those and look up a bunch on my bad days sometimes so I might have sent too many.

5 minute me period kaise laye

Hopefully you like puns too! I hate those days and hope it passes quickly for you. Know you're loved and appreciated! Take some time for yourself and don't push too hard! Thank you! Thank you everyone for helping me with the jokes and support. It means alot to me. Anybody have any jokes? See this in the app Show more.I just thought it might be interesting, considering his mentality and complex around quirks.

This headcanon is prime angst material, ohhhhhh boy. If you want fluff, then please turn away now. Part 2. Originally posted by bnhagifs. How was that? Too much? Or maybe it fell a little flat? Please do tell me what you think! Bakugou x Quirkless! Reader Headcanons I just thought it might be interesting, considering his mentality and complex around quirks.

bakugou x male reader break up

That unwavering confidence of yours fools him. He rejects it and his own feelings, sinking himself deeper into denial every day. He refuses to acknowledge that he is even remotely interested in you. His treatment of you will be harsh in the beginning.

A part of him believes that pushing you away will destroy the way his stomach flutters and the way his heart clenches. The way you talk to him with such ease, how you stand your own ground against him, and the way your eyes are just filled with unbridled fire.

And for some reason, his heart grows tight at your expression. Your eyes seem duller, rimmed with red from your tears, and Bakugou pauses. He steps back and stares at his own hands, the cold creeping and spreading in his chest. He did this. What did I do wrong?

HC: BNHA Boys x Reader who is Going Through a Break Up

He has single-handedly shattered the years you spent building up yourself. You look so, so small.Boku no hero academia blog for all your imagine and HC needs! Feel Free to send in your own HCs! For Mobile. Bad Break up. Pool Incident.

Jealous Kabe don. Dying his hair. Napping HC. Accidental Boob Grab. First Date.

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Cuddle HCs. Tending an injury. First Word Soulmate AU. A Promise. Betrothal AU Part 1. First Kiss. Break up. Making Out. Sorry Kiss. Relationship HCs. Hogwarts AU Announcer!


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